Fingerstyle Guitar

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4 Comments on “Fingerstyle Guitar”

  1. sam says:

    Hi do u you teach? I live here in Park Slope…
    917 544 5379

  2. kenneth cooke says:

    David- Hi and thank you for your great Folkways album with your cousin Eric. I have come back to playing after a 25 year layoff caused by illness. Basically I had 4 strokes and lost the use of my left hand. So I sold my HD28 and that was that. This January I was inspired to re-visit the guitar and I bought a beautiful new Indian Rosewood D35 and went back to basics. It will be a long process but I am finding it truly spiritual to connect again with the music, hence my re interest in your ragtime guitar album

  3. David, I found you on a Neverisky site teaching the Maple Leaf Rag and you mentioned the Tab but I can’t find it. Where can I get more rag time tabs and online lessons from you?

    Thanks In advance for the work

  4. John Landi says:

    Hi David, I have your first Ragtime Guitar DVD but I’ve noticed that the tablature is somewhat inaccurate with the actual music being played. Do you have an updated tablature to your DVDs anywhere? Thanks for your help and P.S. Love your DVDs. John

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